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Foshan Shuoyu Machinery R & D. Co., Ltd. is a pioneer company of complete lines of equipments for the stone industry in china. Shuoyu is focusing on continuous innovation of manufacturing of equipments and production processing technologies. As an excellent Chinese supplier of artificial stone, ceramic tiles processing and natural stone deep processing equipments,we are wholeheartedly devote ourselves to supply our customers with high return of investment (ROI) and integral solution professionally. Our unique services : pro-sale, on-sale and post-sale integrated services promise customers free from worries behind. Shuoyu Products Range:Quartz stone slab plants,Calibrating and Polishing machines,Auxiliary equipments for polishing line, Ceramic tiles polishing lines, Stone deep processing equipments, Polished tile and full glazed tile pure bright polishing production line, Intelligent tile picking up production line, artificial marble and artificial quartz slabs surface brightening polishing production line, Full automatic ceramic tile packaging production line, Environmental protection nano antifouling agent etc. ...

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